(English) Well*come snow!

Posted on feb 5, 2014 in News

Rain and snow are causing many problem in north Italy. In the province of Belluno the danger of avalanche is very high. Saturday night a big avalanche has run over a mountain hut and ruined a ski lift in Malga Ciapela at the feet of Marmolada.

Heavy snow

The quantity of snow on the roofs were not a problem until the rain came. This mix caused a heavy wet snow that fear some people, especially those who live in old houses whose roofs are made in wood.

However, there were only two collapses. Luckily it came to  two uninhabited haylofts in San Vito di Cadore and in Zuel (Cortina d’Ampezzo) where the police closed the route 51 “Alemagna”, reopened yesterday at 12am.

Black out

Some villages have spent some days with no electricity but now the situation is going better, and only one small village near Agordo still has no light.

Arabba is isolated

A big avalanche has fallen on the street which leads to Arabba and it is not available now.


The challenge of Nina

Nina is 77 years old and she lives alone in Sottinghiazza (Livinallongo). She is surrounded by 1,40 m of snow but she doesn’t want to leave her house. The men of the mountain rescue couldn’t reach her even with the helicopter, so they put the ski on their feet and went to Nina in order to give her her medicines and basic necessities (like bread).


All mountain passes but Monte Croce Comelico are closed.

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